Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Es tönen die Lieder, der Frühling kehrt wieder...

...bald ist es wieder soweit, die ersten warmen Sonnenstrahlen haben und schon erreicht und man merkt, dass der Frühling nicht mehr weit ist. * spring is coming soon, the first rays from the sun are reaching out to us and you know, spring isn't fare from us. I wanted to show you a quick and easy project for a little give away. I made this crochet pot with lovely spring colors and I used dc, hdc, sc and little picots. However, I am not having the exact amount of chains I used for this project, because I tried it on several times. This way I could make sure, it fits. You may can vary this project with different patterns... Of course, there is a normal pot underneath...As a present I put a primrose in it...the perfect give away for spring.

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