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....and again I have been very creative... doing some headbands for newborns...very tiny, simple, and cute ;-)


Here is the side for my crafts and DIY projects...

I have been very creative these days...besides of my new huge crochet project which is still in progress I have been doing some tiebacks for my newborn girls,,,and moms...and bellies ;-)

In diesen Tagen bin ich sehr kreativ gewesen. Neben meinem neuen großen Häkelprojekt, welches sich noch in der Entwicklung befindet habe ich einige Haarbänder für kleine Mädchen, Mamas, und Babybäuche gemacht...

 I am not only doing my crochet stuff for newborn photography but also headbands...
here are some of them:

 November 2014


First thing  I wanted to show is the birthday party theme from my daughter.
She had a sleep over party at her 10th birthday and wanted the colors pink and turquoise...
That is what I made her and her guests :
 - nail polish, tictacs, sleeping mask, and ear plugs for all kids...
- glow in the dark sticks
- finger food 

November 2014

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