Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

newborn bonnets/hats

On my vacation in Norway this fall, I had plenty of time to crochet some new accesoires for my newborn photography...I used some patterns I found through pinterest:

Thank you  for sharing the patterns:

I didn't have the opportunity to use it yet, but when I will, I will share the pictures...

Here are some patterns I already used and made some lovely bonnets and hair pieces.
The pattern for the pink bonnet I found here:

and I made the blanket and the flower....:
this sweet little bonnet made of mohair:
 I found the pattern in the internet, but I don't have the link to it.


I have made quite a lot of stuff over the last two years and I am always looking for new patterns....but I often made bonnets without any pattern. And this works too:


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